Note: This story has been updated to clarify the five-year average and the 2021 numbers.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The 2022 Sturgis Rally could be on pace for the highest attendance since the 75th anniversary in 2015.

The state’s traffic count for the first three days is about 13,000 more than the five-year average. The three-day traffic count is 179,726 compared to 167,094 five-year average, according to the South Dakota Department of Transportation.

Still, the numbers so far are down from 2021.

The first three days of the 2021 rally counts were 55,326 on Friday, 67,482 on Saturday and 65,771 onSunday.

The 2021 rally drew an estimated 555,000 attendees.

The city of Sturgis uses traffic counts, tons of garbage collected and photo analysis to estimate rally attendance each year. The S.D. DOT’s traffic counts are usually close to the city’s estimated crowd size.

Generally, the first three days of the 10-day rally have the highest DOT traffic counts.

For 2022, The first day, Friday, the count was 56,855 The count increased on Saturday to 62,199.

The highest one-day count in 2015 was 96,509 on the Monday of the rally week.

The DOT also included daily traffic counts from the week prior to the Aug. 3-9, 2015 rally. The rally was the largest as it drew an estimated 750,000 attendees.