STURGIS, S.D. (KELO) — As day 6 of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally wraps up, officials say the event has been running smoothly.

For over eight decades, the City of Sturgis has hosted the annual motorcycle rally. So putting on the event is nothing new.

“We have a lot of new team members that are apart of it but we also have a lot of people that are returning for decades or longer and so it’s pretty much been well practiced,” Daniel Ainslie, City Manager, said.

The City Manager and Chief of Police say with the hundreds of thousands of visitors making their way through town, it’s been a quieter year compared to previous rallies.

“Overall it’s been a good rally for the Sturgis Police Department and hopefully we are on the backside here shortly,” Chief Geody Vandewater, Sturgis Police Department, said.

With a few challenges, like staffing.

“As a city of 7,000 people, we of course do not have enough people to accommodate for tens of thousands of people on a daily basis for two weeks. We were able to hire some seasonal’s that we are grateful for but not the numbers that we usually do,” Ainslie said.

One thing unique about this rally is the heat. That’s why officials are asking everyone to stay hydrated and stay cool.

“We’ve seen some heat-related issues coming up in downtown whether it’s our officers getting dehydrated and hot or the citizens,” Chief Vandewater said.

With four more days left of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, officials are hopeful it will continue to run smoothly.

The Sturgis Chief of Police says DUI and drug arrests have increased compared to previous years. And with the number of crashes increasing, law enforcement urges everyone to drive responsibly.