SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Everyone has a story.

One of the ways to tell it is through art.

With each stroke of a brush, Joe Foss student Alexis Zimmerman is putting something she’s experienced on canvas.

“It’s basically just saying how you can have these cruel and horrible thoughts stuck in your head and just going in circles and circles and then having other people coming in and just telling you all these amazing things about you, but you just block them out because your head is stuck in a circle with these thoughts,” Student Alexis Zimmerman said.

Meanwhile, Charles Saydee’s self-portrait is highlighting the power of the mind.

“Your mind is your strongest weapon, your best friend. How you think…it could go a long way,” Student Charles Saydee said.

As the student paints, others are practicing on stage.

Elena Jones’ poem is about standing up to addiction.

“I stood up against the past. Here I am at last,” Student Elena Jones read on stage.

All three teens are a part of this semester’s Vision and Voice, an art and poetry showcase.

Students have been crafting their pieces all week.

Friday is showtime.

“A lot of the kids I worked with, the students this time everyone has been very open. They want to talk about how they’re progressing, thinks they’re doing to be well,” Artist-in-residence Joan Zych said.

Zimmerman hopes people will walk away from her painting knowing they’re not alone.

“Everyone has those thoughts every once in a while, and even though it’s hard, let yourself be vulnerable sometimes,” Zimmerman said.

It’s a message she can best express through art.

Vision and Voice features both Joe Foss and Axtell park students.

The public can see the art and performances Friday night at The Underground by Rehfeld’s in downtown Sioux Falls.

Doors open at 6:30 PM.