SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – All week long educators have been explaining the harmful effects of vape products to students at a Sioux Falls school.

Thanks to an ‘Escape the Vape’ campaign at Washington High School, these students are getting a better understanding about the misconceptions of vaping.

“Every morning they have announcements, and one of the counselors gives us fun facts or information about vaping nationwide and it gives us a lot of statistics that I didn’t know before, especially like the involvement of youth in vaping, which was new to me,” student Siyanne Redda said.

“I didn’t realize how irreversible that damage to the body was and the fact that it could be even worse, and I knew it was pretty bad already, is pretty incredible,” student Jack Hinrichs said.

Earlier this week, students filled out these self care pledge cards, they list different ways students can deal with stress. This one says, listen to music, workout a few times a week, and hangout with friends.

“They asked us what we would do for self care, instead of being like we could engage in this and believe in the pseudoscience that it’s going to help our anxiety and relieve us of our stresses but instead give us things that are actually going to help that because it’s been proven that vaping can make that worse,” student, Meara McIntyre said.

“On my pledge card I wrote that I was going to bake, or have self care, put on a face mask, paint my nails, do something to take my mind off whatever may be bothering me,” Redda said.

A campaign that these students say is making a difference in their school.

“Just based on conversations that I’ve had or overheard that it’s been helping, that people did not know about the effects of vaping or how damaging it was, and now they’re frankly disgusted by it, so I’m happy to say it’s going to have a positive effect at Washington High School,” Hinrichs said.

Throughout the week students have been able to listen to guest speakers and participate in trivia as part of the ‘Escape the Vape’ campaign.