SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Middle schoolers are trying their hands at carpentry, construction, and woodworking this week as part of a four day camp at the CTE Academy in Sioux Falls.

“Measure twice, cut once,” 6th grader, Ross Brunken said.

That’s the number one rule 6th grader Ross Brunken learned at construction camp this week.

It’s an important one too. Ross and the other students are making their own toolboxes.

“First we are going to cut all the pieces and then we are going to glue them all together and then do a cool design on them,” Brunken said.

But his favorite part so far?

“Probably the saws because they’re really cool and I’ve never really ran one before and I just get to learn new stuff,” Brunken said.

Along with creating their own toolboxes, students get to do work on this playhouse by putting shingles on it, as well as creating a windmill.

“A lot of these students here have never ran a saw before, measuring, marking, all those kinds of things, but it’s a good opportunity for them to try to learn on that,” carpentry instructor, Nick Opdahl said.

It’s a learning opportunity that may even be beneficial in the future.

“I did this because it might be something that I will need in the future because this could be my job in the future and it is really fun and you get to meet new people, too,” Brunken said.

“It takes some time, sometimes the cuts aren’t always perfect but the kids do a great job on doing the best they can,” Opdahl said.

The camp is sponsored by the Homebuilders Association of the Sioux Empire. CTE Academy offers other community classes all year round.