SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) –Today is National AG Day! To shine a light on the importance of AG, students in the Harrisburg School District are learning about agriculture in an egg-citing way.

Students at Journey Elementary are learning about agriculture with a hands on approach.

By incubating their own chicken eggs.

“I just want to see how cute the different kinds of chicks are,” said Oliver, kindergartner.

This project is part of a larger program aimed at teaching students about AG in South Dakota.

“We went from being a very rural community, to now being urban. So really trying to make sure that we continue to have this conversation of the importance of agriculture in our in our state,” said Travis Lape, innovative programs director with the Harrisburg School District.

The goal is to teach students about the AG industry and show them where their food comes from.

“We want them out in the gardens, we want them in the dirt, learning about how seed goes from being a seed, and then how it goes right to the table for food for us,” Lape said.

“They will be able to take that up into the middle school and in the high school learning and job skills, learning food production, learning about agriculture and taking what we’re doing on a very small scale on a basic level, and expanding that upward,” Cindy A. Heidelberger, Executive Director of Groundworks Connect.

These eggs are expected to hatch into little chicks in the next week or so.

Journey Elementary will be adding an indoor training Horticulture and Landscaping facility for Middle and High School students. The groundbreaking is expected to take place later this spring.