SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –Students at the Career and Technical Education Academy have been busy building a house from the ground up. Now it’s almost ready for auction.

This house is almost ready for someone to move in. All of the work is done by students with guidance from their instructor.

“And then we started by setting up the floor truss, just putting up walls, putting up the roof truss. Shingling, siding, everything from there on it flew. Flew through everything,” Dayton Griess, student at Lincoln High School, said.

“We built all the walls, we got to set all the truss down, floor the floors, there’s the roof. It’s all extremely interactive,” Calvin Usc, student at Jefferson High School, said.

“So this is a 1,938 square foot home. This is a three-bedroom, two and a half bathroom, main floor laundry, fireplace. It’s got every bell and whistle,” Nicholas Opdahl, Career and Technical Education instructor, said.

Opdahl says this has been a great learning experience for all his students.

“It’s not only how to build a home and all the parts to it, they learn how to be on a crew, how to work together, it takes teamwork to make this happen,” Opdahl said.

“I’ve learned quite a bit. I learned how the studs in a wall have to be 16 inches on center. I’ve learned 95 and 5/8ths what a precut stud is. I learned a lot,” Usc said.

This feeling of accomplishment will be with the students every time they drive past the home.

“Somebody one day is going to be living in this, and I could drive by and say, ‘hey, I built that house.’ I thought that was just a cool wow factor of it,” Usc said.

“I think it’s a huge deal. I learned a lot in the process and I think it’s pretty impressive that students built this house,” Griess said.

The student-built house will have an auction on June 20th where all the proceeds will go back to the CTE Academy for future projects.