SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Besides sanding and plowing, the Sioux Falls Street Department has had its hands full trying to keep storm sewers open to avoid street flooding with all the rain we’ve been getting.

KELOLAND News caught up with one homeowner who is taking matters into her own hands.

To say it’s a mess out there might be an understatement.

From rain to freezing rain and a light mix of snow, streets are slushy and sloppy.

That’s why the city wants to make sure sewer inlets are open to help drain all the water as quickly as possible.

“I’m pushing water down the drain, because it’s coming up on the sidewalk,” Jean Wolff said.

Wolff had a busy, wet, slopping morning.

“Actually, I think I’ve done it pretty much every year since I’ve lived here, so I’m pretty used to it,” Wolff said.

Wolff does it, so people don’t have to drive through it or walk through it either.

“If you know you have a storm inlet you can clear it out, you know get out there and clear it out,” city street manager Dustin Hansen said.

Long before the sun came up, Hansen and other city officials were monitoring the city’s de-icing and snow removal operations from the command center.

“I would say it’s going pretty good, considering this is a tough one, because when you get this wintry mix, you just never know,” Hansen said.

Clearing the snow and ice away from storm inlets is a big priority right now. They want to clear the water off the streets before it freezes.

“I’d say we’re halfway through the marathon, it’s probably going to be through Friday by the time we get out of this,” Hansen said.

So in the meantime, people are just doing what they can to help out.

“Give it a little help push it along and clear the ice,” Wolff said.

Hansen says depending on when the rain turns over to snow and how much accumulation we get, the city might have to issue another snow alert, stay tuned.