SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — The snow and wind has many people preparing to stay in where it’s warm.

Management at Sunshine Foods said it has seen a steady trickle of customers in and out throughout Wednesday getting essentials.

“I noticed a lot of people coming in right before the snowstorm are getting milk, eggs, and bread, basically the necessities and getting a little bit more food than they would have before,” said John Yarman, the store supervisor.

“We’re trying to get- and pick up as much while we can, you know, before the bad weather starts,” said Antonio Comtreras of Sioux Falls.

Shopper Dee Hohn says she wanted to grab some last minute items in case she gets snowed in.

“Well, I’ve got some dinner rolls, butter, some brown sugar, just odds and ends that I might need,” Hohn said.

While other shoppers, like Lana White, are doing a grocery run for neighbors who can’t make the drive on their own.

“I stocked up yesterday, but a few of them I walked by, and one little lady was out of diet Coke….So I went to two different stores to get her Coke,” White said.

Other items shoppers made sure to grab are salt, batteries, pet food, meat products and extra containers of water.