SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Though the storms have come and gone, many neighborhoods are still cleaning up dangerous debris.

It’s been more than a week since this summer’s second derecho tore through Sioux Falls, toppling trees, light poles and powerlines.

Branches and storm debris throughout Sioux Falls have been impacting neighborhoods. I’m gonna take you up in the bucket truck to show you the damage.

“They are all over Sioux Falls so it’s-.. we’re all busy,” Jody Wellman, foreman said.

Jody Wellman, Foreman for Wellman Tree Service, says damaged trees like this one are creating dangerous situations…

“You don’t want the tree on someone’s house, garage, person, there’s sheds around here, there’s live wires- high voltage wires on all three sides,” Wellman said.

This particular tree nearly split in half due to intense winds…

“There are straps in the tree- truck straps in the tree holding it. In fact, those are the only things that prevented it from falling,” said Tony Carver, lead climber foreman.

These straps won’t hold it forever, so removing this tree is a priority. The process is proving to be challenging.

“Not only are there high voltage lines around but they are a little chewed up so you don’t want anything falling on them,” Carver said.

“The obstacles are the building, we had a fence we had to take down temporary just to get access to it and get the equipment back there,” Wellman said.

Both Carver and Wellman say tree maintenance throughout the year can prevent these kinds of situations.

“Anytime there’s dead limbs in your tree, you definitely want to do some basic maintenance, like a crown cleaning it to where you can train the tree to grow off of your house,” Carver said.

Wellman says anyone who has questions about tree maintenance or clean-up can call, the link to their site can be found here.