SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Customers of a credit union in Sioux Falls had to go inside to do their banking on Friday. That’s because someone smashed the ITM with a piece of heavy machinery stolen from a nearby construction project.

Yellow caution tape surrounds the drive-up lane of the Bluestone Federal Credit Union near 41st St. and Sycamore Ave. Police are looking for the person who stole this front-end loader and used it to smash into the money dispensing machine.

“They did not take it, they did not leave with it, it doesn’t sound like they were able to get into it, they just simply knocked it over, said Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls Police Department.

The front-end loader was still running when officers arrived to investigate. Credit Union President Jeff Jorgensen got the early morning call that this southeast Sioux Falls branch suffered damage.

“Hit our canopy at the drive up, so now we are structurally is the canopy sound they hit the pier and now we have to get a structural engineer out to see if we can even start using it again but just basically vandalism and damage,” said Jorgensen.

The damaged machine is called an ITM, not an ATM, and there is a difference between an ATM and an ITM.

“Some people might think of it as an interactive teller machine we call it an intelligent teller machine because what it can do is deposit checks, it can deposit cash, you can do transfers it’s intelligent,” said Jorgensen.

Another kind of technology could help crack this case. The building was blanketed with surveillance cameras. Jorgensen briefly saw the surveillance video they turned over to the police. He says it appears the person driving the loader wasn’t that proficient at running heavy equipment. At this point, police are unsure if this was an attempted burglary or just vandalism.