SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — This summer, Hershey’s and other candy manufacturers were warning of a Halloween candy shortage this year.

Now that the holiday is just three days away, KELOLAND News is checking in with local retailers to see what last minute candy shoppers will be able to find.

“Just getting trucks out to the stores from their manufacturing facilities has been pretty much a nightmare the last year,” Lewis Drug Category Manager and buyer Shawn Zuraff said. 

It’s one of the main reasons candy manufacturers warned stores and consumers of shortages this holiday season, and why Lewis Drug stores planned ahead.

“This year we order up about a 25 percent increase on our orders and we ordered ahead six to eight months to make sure we got our product,” Zuraff said. 

And while they still have plenty of candy left on the shelves, most of the options are the classic chocolate candies.

“Novelty stuff or stuff that’s more unique, a lot of that tends to go early,” Zuraff said.

“This year was different than any other year, normally we wait until the last minute but this year I think we got it, probably about three weeks ago,” Sioux Falls shopper Kari Radack said.

Radack is one of many shoppers who started picking up Halloween candy early this year.

“Early on people start buying early, but they also come back a few times during the season,” Zuraff said. 

While many people have already bought some trick or treating candy, Zuraff says Lewis stores are busy all the way up until Halloween day when people might be running short on candy at the door.

“Sometimes we pick more up the day of, thinking ‘oh, we didn’t get enough, maybe we should go grab one or two more bags,'” Radack said. 

Lewis Drug says Halloween day is one of their busiest days of the year, but if you’re usually a last-minute candy shopper, Zuraff has some advice for this weekend. 

“I would recommend going out right away and getting your Halloween candy,” Zuraff said. “You might be out of luck if you come in last minute.”

Lewis Drug says their stores are sitting pretty good on their supply of Halloween candy heading into the weekend, but come Monday, you can expect to see some pretty empty shelves.