SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sanford Health has opened a new Psychiatry & Psychology clinic to provide patients more access to doctors and other resources when it comes to mental health and wellness.

“It seems that people who were struggling are struggling more and people who weren’t struggling are starting to struggle,” said Dr. Kate Andal, a neuropsychologist at Sanford Health.

Sanford says it’s seen an increase in mental health issues since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Definitely have seen an increase in need for mental health services, lots of anxiety, some OCD- obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms that have increased with the pandemic,” said Dr. Kayla Nalan-Sheffield, a psychologist at Sanford Health.

“I think some people feel like they shouldn’t be struggling and that is a real barrier to getting services because they feel like ‘well my life isn’t that bad why am I struggling, I just need to suck it up,” Andal said.

To help with the growing need, Sanford Health opened a new location on South Louise Avenue equipped with 13 psychologists and therapists available to patients.

“We’ve been grateful in having more providers join the practice and we still have a lot of need. So moving here allows us to continue expanding our services,” Nalan-Sheffield said.

“We’ve been fighting the stigma in mental health for decades and it is slowly improving but I think the take-home message is it is okay to need help and it is okay to not be okay and we have the resources and the skills to help you address the issues you’re having,” Andal said.

The location of the new clinic is on the southern edge of Sioux Falls just off Louise avenue.