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Stensland Providing 'Sanford Swirl' For Sanford International

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - The Sanford International tees off next week and Stensland Family Farms is putting together a special treat for the PGA Tour Champions tournament. Not only is Stensland the official dairy sponsor, it's creating the event's signature ice cream called the "Sanford Swirl." 

The Sanford International will feature some local flair next week including this ice cream. Tournament Director Greg Conrad says the flavor came to be through a partnership between kids and adults at the Sanford Castle and the local ice cream shop in Sioux Falls. 

"So based on the Sanford Children's Hospital and Stensland, they came up with this creation called the Sanford Swirl, which I think is amazing," Conrad said. 

Leah Moller with Stensland says the company was already providing milk and cheese for caddies and volunteers during the tournament. When the idea came to have a signature ice cream, she scooped it right up. 

"They wanted something to hit the palettes of both children and adults and have blue in it," Moller said. 

After a few trial runs, this is how it turned out. 

"It is a lemon cheesecake based ice cream with vanilla cookie crumble and blue raspberry/graham swirl," Moller said. 

"You know Wimbledon has their strawberries and cream. The Kentucky Derby has their mint julep. The Sanford International, we needed an ice cream, something sweet. A treat so that everybody knew when they were coming to the Sanford International, they were going to get this," Conrad said.

Not only will the Sanford Swirl be available at the Minnehaha Country Club, it will also be at the Stensland store where employees will be telling people about the golf tournament.

Stensland made enough to provide more than 3,500 cups of Sanford Swirl. 

"Most everything you're going to see has a local touch to it. That's important. This is just year one, so we hope to expand those things," Conrad said.

Stensland is also providing the soft serve ice cream for a milkshake station at the golf tournament.

Sanford Swirl will be available at the store next Wednesday through Sunday. The ice cream shop is also hosting an old-fashioned ice cream social this Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.  

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