SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Protests calling for justice for George Floyd have been happening all across the nation, and South Dakota has joined.

“I’m just tired of this violence from police. This needs to stop. I’m tired of not knowing whether our black men and women are going to be able to survive another day or if they’re going to get shot by the people that are supposed to protect us,” protest participant Jordan Borges said.

Protests have happened nationwide calling for justice for George Floyd, a black man who died while in police custody on Monday. Saturday, people in Sioux Falls gathered to show solidarity.

“It’s important that I stand with the efforts to raise awareness about how important this issue is and the fact that, although the incident may have happened in Minneapolis or across the country, it could happen here. And I do feel unsafe because I’m just not certain if an officer, like in Minneapolis, is right here in this community. And it could happen here,” Terry Liggins, a protest participant said.

Protestors lined the streets near the intersection of Minnesota Avenue and 41st Street this afternoon holding signs with various messages for Floyd and other people of color who have died.

“I think Dr. King says it best. That protests is the language of the unheard. Riots is the language of the unheard. I don’t condone aggression or violence, but people are responding to their pain. We’re missing that part of what’s really happening,” Liggins said.

People also held signs showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

“History shows that black lives are the ones that have been marginalized. Black lives are the ones that have been oppressed. Black lives are the ones that have been enslaved. There’s been a consequence of that generationally and we’re still feeling it today,” Liggins said.

“Waking up everyday, not knowing if you’re going to survive, not knowing what somebody’s going to say about your skin tone. Just being taken down and brought down just because of your skin tone. We are all equals. We are all human beings and we are a part of the human race,” Borges said.

There is another protest planned for Sunday night at 5 p.m.