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Stan Lee: Superhero To Comic Book Collectors

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Many people refer to him as the grandfather of the modern-day comic book. Stan Lee passed away on Monday at the age of 95.  

His impact on comic book collectors is being felt everywhere, including here in KELOLAND.

Lee was often referred to by comic book fans as a superhero, just like the ones he created.

"Really, he was the first one to bring comic books back to the forefront," Chris Kenyon said. 

Kenyon has been collecting comic books all his life.  As he browses through the comic book aisles at Rainbow Comics, Cards and Collectibles, Kenyon has been reflecting on how Lee changed the culture of comic book superheroes, making some of them not so invincible.  

"Stan Lee kinda humanized superheroes and made it so we could relate to them," Kenyon said. 

Like Spiderman. 

"Spiderman was a geek, who couldn't get a girlfriend, who was weak, until he got his powers," Kenyon said. 

Rainbow Comics, Cards and Collectibles has taken a few phone calls since Lee's passing, but mostly from people looking to sell their collections.  

While there might be a spike in sales over the next few weeks, collectors think Lee's value will stay the same, but his legend to the industry will be one to Marvel at for generations.

"He was really the most important person in the comic book world for years and years," Kenyon said. 

Lee's birth name was "Stanley Martin Lieber," but used "Stan Lee" as his pen name and then later had it legally changed.

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