SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A local hockey team is helping area teachers make improvements to their classrooms.

The Sioux Falls Stampede is set to host its inaugural Dash for Cash.

“Put it in their shirt, pants, wherever. They can take as much money as they can grab during the time that we have during the intermission,” Stampede President Jim Olander said.

The Stampede will scatter 5,000 $1 bills at center ice. The teachers will keep what they collect to help fund classroom projects.

“Each school had to apply and each teacher had to give a reason for what they would use the funds for. Every teacher has a different reason, some of them it’s iPads for the classroom, some of its just new equipment,” Olander said.

“I kind of just threw my name in the hat not even really thinking about what would come of it,” Harrisburg math teacher Barry Longden said.

Barry Longden is a math teacher at the Freshman Academy in Harrisburg. He runs the Esports program.

“I need to get more equipment, so more computers, more devices for the students to use and play on so that’s going to be a big portion of what that money will go towards,” Longden said.

The participating teachers are also selling tickets to Saturday’s game. For every ticket sold, $5 goes to their respective school.

“It’s not just like for me anymore, it’s like everyone can get involved if they way to. I’ve had some people approach me outside of just the ticket sales and be like can I help out I can’t go to the game,” Longden said.

“We know this day and age schools are in need of funding and we’re just trying to play a small part to help them out and have some fun while doing it,” Olander said.

Helping out $1 bill at a time.

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