SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Inside the greenhouse, it’s hard to remember winter is still in full swing outside. But staff at Landscape Garden Centers are getting prepared for the day Spring finally comes knocking.

“We’re really excited. I think this spring more so than others just because of the long, hard winter we’ve had,” Laura Kalfs, a garden center manager, said. “But the snow is melting, the sun is out today and it’s the first of March.”

Landscape Garden Centers is currently in its winter dormancy so staff can get ready for the Spring season.

“We’re starting to get plugs in, doing planting, as you can see behind me with the hanging baskets. Also, a lot of our product and shipments are arriving as scheduled and on time so it’s a good start to 2023, so far,” Kalfs said.

Like most things this winter, though, the weather has created some challenges.

“Our plugs, our small plants, geraniums, petunias, things like that, come from all over the country. So a lot of times when they’re arriving on a truck, they’re susceptible to, of course, cold damage — cold temperatures, long travel times,” Kalfs said.

But customers are promised a good selection of product when the doors at Landscape Garden Centers re-open.

“We’ll have bare-root trees and shrubs available, a lot of your small fruits like strawberries and asparagus and raspberries,” Kalfs said.

The tentative re-opening for Landscape Garden Centers is Saturday, April 1st.