SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A local artist is putting her art on display in a downtown Sioux Falls cafe.

During a time when positivity is needed more than ever, Hannah Van Steenwyk, known as Hannah V is taking charge.

The Sioux Falls artist is getting out her paint brushes and creating brightness in a local business.

“I really wanted, if I was going to propose something, I wanted it to be something that would really brighten up people’s lives and bring a lot of joy back to people,” Van Steenwyk said.

She decided to do that by creating a mural on the ceiling of La Luna Cafe in Sioux Falls.

“It’s really exciting and it feels very fulfilling because part of our mission is to showcase artist’s work. As you can see, our entire walls are filled with local artists specifically because we always had that in mind that we wanted to give back to the community,” Tatiana Jaimes said.

General manager of La Luna Cafe, Tatiana Jamies, says it’s not only exciting to have a new permanent piece of art, but also watching it come to life.

“I didn’t want to deal with the ladders. I didn’t want to deal with scaffolding. So I decided to kind of put together a little simple nine foot pole and attach my brush to the end of it,” Van Steenwyk said.

“She really does dance with the brush. It’s fun. It’s just fun to watch her do it,” Jaimes said.

The artwork won’t stop here though. Hannah plans to continue her artwork all the way through the cafe with hopes of completing it by mid March.

If you’re interested in watching the progression of the artwork, click here.

Until then, customers can enjoy their purchases in the cafe while watching Van Steenwyk complete the mural, titled ‘Art That Brightens Lives’.

“Being able to bring a little bit of something that, will just spark a little bit of joy and even creativity in people is something that I think is really nice,” Van Steenwyk said.