SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — For more than five years now, Sanford Hospitals have provided yarn for a Sioux Falls knitting club that puts their hands to service every Friday afternoon.

“It’s been longer than that hasn’t it,” one member said. 

“Maybe seven or eight years, right?” another member said. 

“When you get this age, memories kind of fade out,” knitting club member Mary George said. 

While the quiet clicking of knitting needles may seem like a natural noise at the knitting club, another sound is far more frequent with the ladies at Good Samaritan Society’s Prairie Creek Lodge.

“We’re usually talking and laughing,” knitting club member Alta Gaarder said. 

“You hear lots of laughing, lots of joy and stories about their families,” Good Samaritan Society’s Prairie Creek Lodge Activities and Wellness Supervisor Taryn Garry said. 

“Oh yes, she’s been a world traveler,” knitting club member Ruth Brockmann said. 

“I’ve lived in Athens Greece and traveled all over the world of course,” 96-year-old knitter Arlette Villaume said. 

The stories they share keep the group knitters coming back every Friday afternoon.

“I like the socialization of it,” George said.

“We have a good time talking and we’re doing something that’s good for somebody,” Villaume said. 

While they talk, they’re also knitting special gifts for patients at Sanford Hospitals.

“Good Samaritan gives them a prayer shawl as they’re in the hospital or as they’re going home,” Gaarder said.

They make hundreds of shawls every year and each one is unique.

“Everyone is a little different, each one has their own style doesn’t it,” George said. 

But every shawl is made by hands filled with love…

“I had one when I was recouping over the village,” one member said. 

…designed to spread a little hope.

“It was just like you gave him the world when we put that shawl on him,” George said. 

A club that proves you can do what you can to help others, no matter your age.

“You can always be inspiring people and helping people even when you’re living your best life at a retirement community,” Garry said. 

All while having some fun.

“Busy hands stay out of trouble, that’s what they say right?” George said. “Gosh oh, Friday we have a good time!”

Villaume is the most experienced knitter at age 96 and has been using her knitting needles for more than 80 years. The group says they love to teach others so more can join their cause on Friday afternoons.