SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– A local business owner is making the holidays bright for a WWII and Korean War veteran.

The owner of Dakotascape wanted to create a special display for the holidays. So he decorated the house of Douglas Starr, stringing up red, white and blue Christmas lights around the trees and outside his home.

To people passing by, this may look like any other house decorated for the holidays. But, there’s a little more to it.

The patriotic lights were a surprise tribute to honor 96-year-old veteran Douglas Starr.

“They had lights all over on the lawn and all that. I thought it was my son-in-law was going to put up the lights, because he does usually every year. But they started climbing around the trees and on the roof there to put the lights on the eves and I didn’t come outside because I didn’t want to disturb them,” said Starr.

“Really I just love Christmas lights, we do quite a few around town, I drive around at night check on them and you know it’s just, it put smiles on people’s faces during this time of year,” said Jon Sundvold, owner of Dakotascapes.

It’s a community service that he’s been doing for 17 years.

“Each year I try to reach out to somebody that might need a little brightening up for the season,” said Sundvold.

Bringing holiday cheer to a deserving family.

“My son in law doesn’t do it this detailed, of course he does the eves, that’s easy, but putting it in the trees, oooh, you’ve got to climb up there branch after branch and look at this trunk here how many lights are on the trunk,” said Starr.

Sundvold plans to continue this community service project for other deserving recipients in the coming years.