Sports camp adds cleaning measures to keep players safe

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Summertime sports are supposed to be stress-relievers, but they may feel stressful if you’re trying to practice good hygiene and social distance. With everyone touching the same equipment and using the same space, how do you protect yourself from COVID-19? The director of a summer volleyball program is showing us how it’s adapting to keep its players safe.

The game of volleyball is full of sets and spikes.

“It’s so much fun to play. It’s so much fun to watch,” Mitch Lunning, director of Avera Sports Kairos Volleyball, said.

Now you’ll see something else. Lunning says there are more efforts to keep everything clean so everyone can stay healthy. When players come to the camps, someone screens them and takes their temperatures, they use hand sanitizer and wear masks into the building.

“Once we start the actual training, their masks come off. We’ll train for an hour to an hour and a half and during that time, about every 15 minutes or so, we’re doing a water break and hand sanitize during each break,” Lunning said.

Lunning says staff thoroughly cleans the volleyballs, and puts them away until the next day.

“We’re choosing to do that to give the balls adequate time because I know the disinfectant needs to sit on it and dry for it to actually work,” Lunning said.

Lunning says staff also uses a floor disinfector to drive around and clean the court. Think of it as a Zamboni in an ice skating rink, minus the ice, of course.

Even if you’re not part of these camps, this may be good advice to follow all summer.

Brady: Do you think this advice could be applicable to a vast majority of summertime sports or get-togethers, when people are wondering is it safe to go there? Do you think these practices could promote protection?
Lunning: Yeah, I think this is going to be the norm here for a while going forward.

Many of us want to get outside or on the court this summer, but Lunning says we’ll need to re-set how we play the game to avoid any spikes in COVID cases so the fun can continue.

“The first time we brought the kids back in the gym, it was truly something special. It was truly awesome to see just how excited they were to be there,” Lunning said.

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