SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Have you ever wondered about how fog is made or how water cycles through the environment? A new exhibit at the Washington Pavilion can show you and your kids just how it all works.

This indoor, interactive water experience is sure to have kids of all ages floating over for some fun.

“Which part of the Pavilion did you want to go to? The water? As soon as we walked in, she said, ‘can we go to the water room?’ Sometimes I maybe scurry us passed the water room so today it was her choice,” mom Carmen Bot said.

But a secret behind the splashing is that these kids might actually be learning a thing or two.

“Learning about how water moves and experiencing that through squirt guns and fog machines and building bridges and watching balls launch into the air through water,” Cameron Ostrom with the Washington Pavilion, said.

The H2O Workshop opened up just last week after three months of construction.

“We’ve seen some great traction, it’s been really exciting. There was a lot of anticipation for it and so far I think it’s really living up to the hype. It’s been fun,” Ostrom said.

But that’s not the only exhibit getting a revamp at the Washington Pavilion. Just down the hall, a crew is hard at work transforming the Wells Fargo CineDome into a planetarium.

“We’ve had an awesome team in here just doing some really great work, keeping this project on schedule. So we’re going to be announcing the opening date in the coming weeks but we feel really good about where the project is at,” Ostrom said.

From the stars and planets that will soon light up the planetarium to the water splashing on the ground in the H2O workshop, there’s plenty to learn at the Washington Pavilion.

“They’re always changing something here, you know, so you can come and come again another time,” Bot said.

The H2O Workshop expansion is thanks to a $1.2 million gift from Patricia Knutson’s estate. The planetarium is thanks to a $2 million donation from the Sweetman Family.