BLACK HILLS, S.D. (KELO) –Fall is flying by, but people are still taking the time to experience Spearfish Canyon and all of its colors.

Each week the city provides a  report so people know which areas are at their peak.

Despite the cooler temperatures, Spearfish Canyon is still seeing a lot of visitors.

“It’s a unique experience seeing all the different terrain, the hills. But it’s very beautiful, we like to get off and come see nature. We’ve seen the sheep and seen the trout, it’s just a very beautiful experience,” Canyon visitor Melinda Barry said.

Along the highway there are several spots to pull over and take in the seasonal scenery.

“I mean they have these spots like right here where you know they allow you to park safely at the side and kind of explore, but there’s so much if you just walk a little bit farther beyond these parking zones,” Canyon visitor Kyle Jamison said.

With cooler temperatures and the Summer months being over, driving through Spearfish Canyon is a little more enjoyable for those just wanting to take in every scene as it’s less crowded.

“Well we were surprised by how much scenery there was, it’s quite the canyon. Seeing the sheep, we thought we might see some elk, but we haven’t seen any of those but seeing the sheep up on the mountainside over by the falls, that was pretty cool,” Barry said.

Even as the weather gets cooler, many believe traveling on two-wheels is the best way to enjoy this canyon.

“To be able to slow down, I think maybe that’s part of the thing of going with a car and maybe the downside of it is that it’s hard to drive and observe at the same time. So any way that you can slow yourself down to actually get to experience it, I think is worthwhile,” Jamison said.

Whether you are wanting to spot a mountain goat, see the falls, or just take a slow cruise through, Spearfish Canyon has something for everyone.

Spearfish Canyon tends to reach 100% of its color change around the end of September each year.