SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As kids, a lot of us grew up in KELOLAND owning and shooting our own bb guns; targeting tin cans and paper targets.

But a 15-year-old from Humboldt, South Dakota aimed for a much bigger prize this past week.

Cocked, locked, and loaded.

15-year-old Zoe Dissing of Hartford gives new meaning to the title ‘Top Gun’

“It’s a crazy feeling, I can’t believe it’s real,” Zoe said.

Last week in Arkansas, Zoe won the national title in bb gun shooting.

She beat out 350 other competitors from 39 states, shooting from four positions; standing, kneeling, sitting and prone.

“Its nerve wracking until you get to the shooting part, I work myself up a lot before I shoot, and then as soon as I start pulling the trigger it’s easy,” Zoe said.

Zoe, who is a member of the Humboldt Sharpshooters Club, says to be good at bb gun shooting, you have to master five steps, including controlled breathing and trigger squeezing.

During the three days of competition, Zoe had scored 494 points out of a possible 500, an unbelievable mark.

Not only did Zoe win the national title her score was high enough to set the new national record.

Her dad, Eric, is club coach.

He says when Zoe was shooting he wasn’t paying too much attention to her score. But then…

“My phone started blowing up in my pocket,” Eric Dissing said.

Eric was getting text messages from other coaches that his daughter had just set the new national record.

“Everything came together for her really well down at the tournament, it was pretty amazing to see her win the tournament, but also to set a new national record with those scores as well,” Eric said.

Those scores helped the Humboldt Sharpshooters team place second in the country.

For Zoe that was the coolest part of the entire tournament.

“Just spending time with everybody that I love; my friends and family,” Zoe said.

“Very proud, very proud,” Eric said.

There’s also a 50 question test about gun safety and gun knowledge, it accounts for 20% of your overall score.

Zoe got a 100 on the test.