RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — South Dakota’s first zero-waste store in Rapid City is getting a lot of attention thanks to a viral post on the social media app, Tik Tok.

To practice being “zero-waste” means conserving products you use by recycling, reusing, or repairing without any sort of damage to the environment.

“So being aware of the plastic that you throw away. Being aware of the food waste that you throw away. Making swaps to more sustainable items that you can use so that you can reuse, recycle, repair to lower your impact and become more sustainable and all of that good stuff,” Jess Huntsman, content creator, said.

Hippie Haven has been around for less than two years. It officially opened back in December of 2019.

“We sell eco-friendly and zero waste home goods as well as cleaning products and beauty products. We like to have a lot of local resources for our communities,” Hunstman said.

The store has a food pantry, a lending library and a free recycling drop off.

Hippie Haven is also very active on social media.

After a viral post on Tik Tok with over a million views. Hippie Haven gained over 50,000 followers overnight.

“Our store is almost sold-out so if you’re local here in Rapid City, come swing by and get what you can if you need a zero waste item. If you don’t, don’t buy anything. But otherwise we are going to be restocking the shop in the next one to four weeks because we’ve sold out so much online due to the viral tik tok,” Chesca Cedillo, store manager, said.

The shop also hosts plenty of eco-friendly events.

“If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, we will be posting about all the current events,” Cedillo said.

Hippie Haven also received the sustainability award from Rapid City.