SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Out-of-state customers have been purchasing fireworks across South Dakota since May 1st. Today, residents finally have the chance to stock up on everything from bottle rockets to artillery shells in advance of Independence Day.

Pyro Fireworks is open for business.

“It’s sometimes very busy, sometimes steady, but we’re open to both in- and out-of-state customers now,” Pyro Fireworks owner TJ Cameron said.

TJ Cameron owns nine fireworks stands, including this location on the east edge of Sioux Falls, and has nine days to sell to South Dakotans.

“About 85% of our sales come between the 2nd and the 4th. Even with our availability to be open May 1st through August 31st to out-of-state customers,” Cameron said.

Every customer should expect to pay more for fireworks due to increased shipping costs. Cameron used to pay $10,000 to ship 1,000 boxes of cake fireworks… now, he’s paying five times that amount.

“Some of our containers cost in excess of $50,000 to get here, so at $1,000 a box, you now pay $12.50 just in shipping per unit to get one of these here, so I think you’re going to see a big shift to some of the medium sized 200-gram cakes, similar effect but much more affordable this year,” Cameron said.

“It’s fun just to see, they’ve got a hug inventory, looks like they’re able to get a lot of product in,” Sioux Falls resident Bill Duffy said.

Sioux Falls resident Bill Duffy was the first person through the door today and bought some smoke bombs.

“I’ve got ten grandkids and it’s just kind of fun. Fortunately, their folks will be buying them most of the fireworks, so I’ll be overseeing the whole operation,” Duffy said.

The Cameron family has been selling fireworks for 60 years, and that tradition continues with TJ’s 7-year-old son, Blake.

“He had the opportunity to go to the pool today with his daycare and he said dad I want to come help customers and sell fireworks. I remember some of my first memories in my dad’s fireworks store so it’s very engraved in our family history,” Cameron said.

Cameron expects to be especially busy as South Dakotans are able to shoot off fireworks until the first Sunday after Independence Day, which this year falls on July 10th.