SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s South Dakota’s primary election today with a lot of key races we are following.

KELOLAND News caught up with a few voters to find out what’s on their minds and what inspired them to cast their ballots.

From the economy to record high gas prices to abortion, there are a lot of issues weighing heavily on the minds of voters.

A lot of parents brought their kids with them to the ballot boxes……

“I’m trying to set a good example on using my right to vote,” Kelli Ebbesen said.

……including Kelli Ebbesen, who wants her children to understand the importance of voting.

“I hope they get an engagement in the process and want them to study the important issues facing America, so they can make informed and proper decisions to guide our country moving forward,” Ebbessen said.

Her son Evan, who is a 6th grader, understands.

He says people fought for our freedoms and that’s why it’s important to exercise your right to vote.

“It’s like if your parents bought you something very expensive and never used it, you probably should use it because they worked very hard for that,” Evan said.

Amendment C is also on the ballot.

If it passes it would increase the percentage to raise taxes in South Dakota from a simple majority to 60% and some voters we talked with don’t like that.

“Much like we decide all of our other elections for candidates by a simple majority, I believe deciding other issues like increasing taxes by the same amount we should not have a higher threshold for that,” Bert Olson said.

Jill Schuneman has voted in every election since she was 18 and didn’t want to miss this one either.

“I tell you what the country is changing and people are so polarized that we have to vote to get our country back to the way it used to be, it’s changing and it’s not necessarily all good,” Schuneman said.

There’s still time to cast your ballot. The polls close at 7 p.m. Central Time.