SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A new South Dakota resident is among the more than 725 defendants who have been arrested for the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. We first told you about the charges that 36-year-old Billy Knutson was facing here in Sioux Falls. Now the case has been transferred to federal court in Washington D.C.

Knutson was one of five defendants in three cases, all accused of storming the capitol on January 6th, who appeared in federal court on Thursday.

Knutson pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges, which include disorderly conduct in a Capitol building and entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds. In court documents, an FBI agent said that Knutson posted on social media that he was at the Capitol on January 6th and shared photos of himself outside the building.

According to the FBI, Billy Knutson is a rapper who has a YouTube channel under the username “Playboy The Beast.” Court documents say these videos are evidence of Knutson’s role in the insurrection.

Billy Knutson Playboy The Beast Video/YouTube

One of the songs on Knutson’s YouTube channel is called “Patriots: Message To The World,” and has more than 68,000 views. It includes a video of the riot.

In it Knuton raps:

“The media has been trying to demonize us regarding the events that took place on January 6th/Spreading fake news and propaganda as they always have/So I just want to take this opportunity to address the nation and tell our side of the story.”

The lyrics also include:

“We’ve been fighting for y’all and this how you treat us/Calling us traitors and claim we not peaceful.”

Then in front of a veterans memorial Knutson raps:

“They say it was just about Trump, it never was/This is our movement/This is about America/This is about freedom/This is about defending our rights as Americans.”

“If you’re not going to fight for us, then we have no choice to band together and fight for ourselves/And we may have lost the battle, but this fight is far from over/Give me freedom or give me death,” Knutson rapped as he used his hand to gesture a slitting throat motion.

Following that April 30th video, Knutson posted another rap song in May, called “Drown Me Out,” in which he complains about being banned on social media and how it’s affected his business.
Knutson’s lyrics say:

“Wasn’t trying to start no wars/I’m just a family man/Had to storm the capitol/Nancy don’t like us in her office.”

Knutson’s most recent video, posted just this month on YouTube, showcases a yellow South Dakota Proud Boys flag. More than three dozen people linked to the Proud Boys, have been charged with riot-related crimes.

Knutson rapped:

“It’s going to be a bumpy ride/I suggest you buckle up”

This latest video, which looks like it was filmed in South Dakota, shows papers with the words such as “Joe Biden” “vaccine mandates,” “censorship,” and “Black Lives Matter,” being burned and Knutson raps:

“Homicide is on my mind; as I’m hunting for this b****, like Joe Biden. Fradulent M** F**.”

FBI identified this image as Billy Knuton entering Capitol building on Jan. 6/from federal court documents

These are still images from court documents of a surveillance video, which according to the FBI showed Knutson entering the Capitol by climbing through a broken window. This still from the video shows Knutson highlighted in a red rectangle, using a cellphone to record images inside the building.

The FBI says it has matched Knutson’s cellphone to one that was used near the Capitol on January 6th.

According to his YouTube page, Knutson moved from North Carolina to Rapid City about four months ago and the justice department says he now lives in Mitchell.

FBI identified BIlly Knutson in this image from Jan. 6 taken from federal court documents

We reached out to Knutson’s public defender in the case, who had no comment. Knutson will be back in court on March 24th.