SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As the 2023 South Dakota Legislative Session draws to a close, Governor Kristi Noem announced about a dozen more bills she has signed.

HB1162 authorizes employers to acquire and make available opioid antagonists, like Naloxone, at their business. The law also provides training for employees on how to administer an opioid antagonist. The goal is to help anyone who is experiencing an opioid overdose.

Another bill the governor signed into law requires entities that own agricultural land to report whether they have any beneficial foreign owners. Supporters of HB1189 say this will help state government better track foreign ownership.

So far this session, Governor Noem has signed 118 bills into law and vetoed three pieces of legislation. This includes a bill (SB129) that would have treated teachers and school employees the same as law enforcement officers in instances of assault in their official duties. The Senate had passed the bill 20-12 with the House passing it 40-30.

Another bill that was vetoed, SB108, would have allowed underage college students to taste an alcohol beverage as part of a course. It had passed the Senate 18-17 and the House 36-34.

Noem also vetoed legislation that would have allowed municipalities to charge a higher tax on people who stay at lodging places.