SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — You may have heard cannons and pyrotechnics going off around the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds and Elmwood Golf Course recently.

It’s happening while Canada geese are migrating into Sioux Falls for the winter. As ponds freeze up, geese search for open water along the Big Sioux River.

Crews are using pyrotechnics and sound cannons to scare geese from quarry ponds to make it safer for airplanes. Geese can damage airplanes by striking windshields or being sucked into engines.

According to a release from Sioux Falls Animal Control, sound cannons are a humane method of scaring geese. The cannons are safe and ecologically friendly because no chemicals or poisons are used.

The cannons will go off several times during the day but will not be used at night.