WASHINGTON, D.C. (KELO) — As we continue our coverage from this past Saturday’s Midwest Honor Flight, we bring you the story of a husband and wife who went on the trip together.

Gayland and Linda Davis have been married for 30 years.

“We come from very similar backgrounds. Both raised in small towns and had the same values,” Gayland said.

They also both served in Vietnam. Gayland was in the Army and Linda was in the Air Force. They later met in a support group after going through divorces.

“He’s an only child. I’m the oldest child of seven. Kind of puts us on the same playing field. I just knew immediately. We went on one date, and I knew just like that. It took him about three more dates I think,” Linda said.

They have been doing things together ever since they married in 1991.

“We had our own business for 23 years, Davis Clock and Watch Repair. We retired three years ago,” Linda said.

“Together every day and still married,” Gayland said.

The only thing better than the trip to Washington, D.C. is that they were able to do it together.

“Something really special that we can share,” Gayland said.

Making it even more special, the Davises are Midwest Honor Flight’s first married veterans.

“It’s kind of a whirlwind process. You just – it’s a trip that I probably wouldn’t have taken any other way. I appreciate it very much, and I appreciate all the people that work really hard to make this happen,” Gayland said.

“Everybody is so nice. It’s just wonderful people,” Linda said.

“Our escort stays with her and sees that she’s gets around, which is usually my job. It’s the only time I get to push her around,” Gayland said.

The Davises returned to Sioux Falls with memories of the monuments built in their honor, made even more special because they visited them together. 

There will be one more story from the October 9 Honor Flight, which will focus on veterans visiting the Vietnam memorial. That will air on Sunday, October 17.