SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Halloween is a time for fun and celebrations, no matter your age. The residents at Good Samaritan’s Hearthstone Assisted Living Center hosted kids from a nearby daycare as they got to start the day with trick or treating.

The kids made the short walk from the School of Early Childhood Education.

It was a parade of cuteness; under the coats, hats, and mittens were superheroes, princesses, and some of our favorite cartoon characters. The residents lined a hallway and waited patiently while the staff unbundled the special guests.

“Gloves and hats inside your coats,” instructed the daycare staff.

But before the trick or treating could get underway, a little entertainment was in order. The kids say songs with the staff leading the way.

“Bubble bubble pop, yaaaay!” the children sang.

Carol Wilcox says having the kids come visit is always a special treat.

“Why? Because they are children, they’re dressed up they’re sweet, they belong here for us, we need that!” said Carol Wilcox, resident.

The kids made a haul.

“Look what I got!” said an excited Buzz Lightyear looking in his bag.

Chelsea Dejonge, the owner of SEE daycare, who is dressed as a Care Bear by the way, says they’ve been coming here for around 20 years to see the grandmas and grandpas.

“Kind of saves the parents who don’t want to go out in the cold at night, they’ve stocked up here you know so the kids love it the grandparents love it. it’s a great relationship we’ve built with them,” said Dejonge.

The director of Hearthstone Assisted living says the residents really look forward to this.

“I think it brings so much joy to our residents its really special for them to be a part of this for these kiddos,” said Hannah Peters, the Assisted Living Manager.

“OK wave and say thank you for having us,” Dejonge told the kids.

“Thank you for having us! Happy Halloween!” the kids said in unison.

The kids also dropped off some decorated pumpkins for the residents to enjoy.