BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — Gene Preston of Brandon has his air conditioning unit inspected regularly.

“Since it’s a heat pump and an AC and of course we got a furnace, too, we do twice a year,” Preston said. “Once in the fall, once in the spring and of course in the furnace as well in the fall.”

Jackie Sorensen, general manager of Thorson Heating & Air Conditioning based out of Sioux Falls, took a routine look at Preston’s air conditioning on Friday afternoon.

KELOLAND’s Dan Santella: How busy are you right now with AC units?

“We’re swamped, very busy,” Sorensen said. “Yep, we’re doing a lot of maintenance checks this time of year, trying to get ahead of the heat, so people don’t have to go without it. When the heat comes, then they don’t have to deal with the breakdowns.”

Sorensen shares some hot weather tips.

“Just some simple things you can do that are going to help maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner is going to be to make sure that the outdoor coil is clean and washed off,” Sorensen said. “They like to suck in all the cotton from the trees and grass clippings, and that’s just like your air conditioner wearing a sweater outside, and it doesn’t perform as well.”

Don’t forget the filter, either.

“The filter inside at your furnace, that also restricts airflow when it gets dirty and can cause problems, so changing your filter and making sure that’s good and clean before the heat is going to be another critical step to making sure your air conditioner performs its best,” Sorensen said.

She recommends people have an air conditioning unit checked annually. She also mentions how to handle an odd noise or ice.

“If you hear any extra noises that aren’t normal in the unit, turn it off and call someone to get it checked out,” Sorensen said. “Also if you see any ice on the unit building up outside or inside on the lines that come out from the ductwork, shut off the unit.”