SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s that time of the year when corn producers are working hard to get their seeds in the ground. But, weather conditions and colder soil temperatures have made that process difficult.

In Colton, Jeff Thompson is prepping his fields for corn planting.

“Just kind of working the ground lightly, get it set up, clean up some tracks and making a nice even seed bed,” said Thompson.

For Thompson, planting will be happening a little later than normal.

“Little bit behind, not that bad. You know, we are still in a good time frame,” said Thompson. “It just seems like its been freezing every night and not just a frost you know.”

He is waiting for the soil temperature to reach 50 degrees before putting corn in the ground.

“Corn needs that warmer temp to germinate. Especially with corn, we want all those kernels and seeds to come up at the same time, we don’t want to have you know, six in a row come up, you know right on time, and the next two or three come up you know five days a week later because that corn plant never can catch up,” said Thompson.

But a little farther southeast in Valley Springs, Jordan Scott’s soil temperature is right at 50 degrees and it is time to start planting.

“The temperatures haven’t been as warm as last year, but we are going to go anyway,” said Scott.

For Scott, his planting is right on schedule. If he would have had to wait longer, he would have run into some issues.

“We’ve purchased all our seed already, we have it planned on where it’s going to go, so if you start planting later, your going to probably have to switch out your seed get different maturities and that could be an issue,” said Scott.

Which is why farmers say they’re trying to stay optimistic.

“Farm to farm another day. It’s kind of what’s built into us,” said Thompson. “We are very optimistic that things will work out, you know, we’ve been doing this a long time and for the most part things do work out.”

If they get the seed in the ground at the beginning of May, harvest should be happening in mid October and early November.