SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There’s a social media challenge sweeping the country and the Sioux Falls School District wants to put a stop to it before it gets worse.

Students have been stealing and vandalizing items from their schools and posting them on TikTok; a video-sharing app. It’s already happened in Sioux Falls and a few other surrounding school districts and that’s why they’ve sent out letters to parents.

Students across the country have been posting video clips of items they’ve stolen or vandalized at their schools.

“Middle School is where we’ve had a couple of incidence so far,” assistant superintendent Jamie Nold said.

Assistant Superintendent Jamie Nold says they’ve had a couple of incidents already within the Sioux Falls School District.

“Some things as far as some hand sanitizer dispensers that have disappeared and we don’t know if it has anything to do with that or not, but some very simple things like that, we just don’t want it to escalate into something more,” Nold said.

That’s why the district sent this letter home to parents letting them know about the latest social media challenge.

It reads ‘A challenge on the social media platform TikTok encourages students to steal or destroy something at school and then post a picture of the item they’ve stolen or broken as their “trophy.”

The letter asks parents to talk to their kids and remind them there are consequences to their actions.

“It always ends up being somebody trying to one up another person, so really the best source of that is a parent meeting with the child having that discussion, ‘hey this isn’t going to happen,’ Nold said.

The letter goes onto say ‘These cases will also be referred to the police for charges.’

“If its something they break off a wall or take off the wall or if it’s something they take from a teacher’s desk or a classroom or the school it would be treated as a theft or vandalism and will be turned over to the police department,” Nold said.

Nold says there can also be long term repercussions where a student won’t be able to apply for the National Honor Society or Student Council.