SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Parking tickets piled up right along with the snow in Sioux Falls following Friday’s storm. Towing companies hauled away dozens of vehicles that were either parked in emergency routes or involved in a crash.

Tow truck drivers can’t keep pace with the high volume of snowbirds that require towing during a snow alert.

“Any time there’s snow removal, you’re always days behind, you just never get caught up,” Eastgate Towing owner Francis Ramm said.

Eastgate Towing drivers have been working longer shifts to handle the extra workload.

“We’ve gone about 18-hours a day before we can actually get drivers shut down for a couple of hours, then we’re back up and get going on them,” Ramm said

Eastgate Towing owner Francis Ramm was busy towing vehicles parked illegally ahead of the city’s snow pickup operation in downtown Sioux Falls early Sunday morning.

“We brought in probably 18-22 cars that night alone,” Ramm said.

A tow can run the car owner well over $200 when you factor in all the fees and fines. Ted Sargent is here to pick up his car that was involved in a weekend crash in Sioux Falls.

“I paid 161, just to pay the impound and the tow charge,” Sargent said.

You don’t necessarily need a weather report to see just how bad the driving conditions were during the snowfall, just check the damaged vehicles in the impound lot.

“We have the capability of just under 300 cars and you can see that we’re already pretty much full and this is just the first snow alert of the year,” Ramm said.

Ramm says the first snowstorm of the season always catches people off-guard when it comes to parking where they shouldn’t be. He’s hoping drivers will be prepared when the next big storm rolls around.

“The big thing is to watch the weather. If they say snow, move your cars, get ’em off the city street,” Ramm said.

Ramm recommends you download the city’s snow alert app if you want to avoid getting towed in the future.