SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Much of KELOLAND is lacking snow even though we’re in the middle of winter. That is impacting snow removal companies.

Typically this time of year, crews with D&K Lawncare and Landscaping are outside moving snow.

But lately, you’ll find them inside working on different projects around the shop and making sure they’re prepared for when winter weather hits.

“We are still actively sweeping parking lots every night, as we do year-round, we’re also making salt brine, which is saltwater that we mix with a couple of different additives, for pre-treating parking lots, and then de-icing afterwards, so we make that on downtime and can have it ready to go the next time it storms,” owner, D&K Lawncare and Landscaping, Dan Pyle said.

On Thursday, shop supervisor Jason Hoffman is working on these John Deere mowers.

“Just get those running, one I think is going to an auction,” shop supervisor, Jason Hoffman said. “It’s nice to catch up on things that we set aside and it just sits, to get caught up, we need the moisture, we definitely need that, it’s nice to get this stuff done in case we need to use it.”

Not only is a lack of snow affecting the business, but it’s also difficult to get equipment quickly.

“This year has gotten particularly complicated because just trying to find equipment, it’s just like cars, there isn’t anything out on the lots, so if we need it, you kind of got to buy it, because it’s one of those things that’s taking forever,” Pyle said.

While they’re keeping busy, Pyle hopes for some snow soon.

“We obviously have a lot of equipment and it’s nice to put some hours on it, use it, make some money, it has payments, but with our other activities that we do during the day, and our other business, such as sweeping, it helps us kind of get through this storm without any snow,” Pyle said.

Pyle says another way they’re staying busy is by working on landscaping bids.