SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Weather has been the dominant story in the days leading up to and including Christmas Day. The intense cold isn’t just bad for exposed skin; it presents challenges for snow cleanup.

“That was really problematic for our equipment,” said Dustin Hansen, street manager for the City of Sioux Falls. “Anytime you have a diesel engine, you can get gel up in the fuel filters, and we started to see that in our motor graders. So, we had to put some special additive in the fuel to kind of help with that.”

Hansen gave KELOLAND News an update on Monday afternoon on how snow cleanup has gone in the city.

“We had about an inch and a half yesterday,” Hansen said. “We had a small crew in last night. They’ve actually worked throughout the night to get the emergency and secondary routes. Those are pretty well good to go.”

Of course, the snow has to go somewhere if it isn’t going to melt.

“We’re working on actual snow pickup,” Hansen said. “So that’ll happen all this week and potentially some next week.”

As snow pickup presses on, getting from point A to point B may take a little longer.

“There could be some delays,” Hansen said. “We’ve got large equipment out there, our big snowblowers, various side dumps are out there, our motor graders, so it could delay you a little bit.”