SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– The winter months might not hold the outdoor appeal as the summer, but there’s still ways to get out and have some fun.

The Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls gave visitors the chance to try out snowshoeing and cross-country skiing for free during their Snow and Go event. Their goal is to help people find ways to enjoy the outdoors, even in the winter.

Over a foot of snow isn’t stopping these outdoor enthusiasts from enjoying nature and learning new winter sports. Mitchell Evertse was able to put on some skis and enjoy the campus.

“It’s a really nice day today, it’s not too cold, the snow is pretty deep, but the trails are groomed and we are really having a lot of fun finding a way to get out of the house and to be active and spend some time outdoors,” said Evertse.

For people who are new to cross country skiing, just like me, or want to try out snowshoeing, these open houses give people the chance to try a new sport while exploring the over two miles of trails the outdoor campus has to offer.

“It was a lot of fun actually being out on the fresh powder and places that no one has even been since it snowed and just trying out snowshoeing for the first time, it was fun,” said visitor Ashley Anderson.

“I’ve never skied before, cross-country or otherwise, I thought it was really cool that I was able to try it. I was able to make two laps around the campus, I thought it was a really cool experience,” said visitor Brooks Anderson.

“It’s something to do other than being inside. Fresh air is good for the heart, good for the lungs, and go for the spirit, so anytime you can get outside it’s a good thing,” said Sandy Richter, program naturalist for the Outdoor Campus.

And even the first timers encourage those who have never tried skiing or snowshoeing to give the snow a chance.

“It’s really fun and I think they would like it a bunch to go there,” said visitor Bennett Anderson.

“I would say definitely try it. It’s worth getting out,” said Ashley. “You know it’s winter a lot here in South Dakota, so you need to find things to do to enjoy it and I love that the outdoor campus offers these events.”

“I had a lot of fun going around here, it was really fun trying out the skis, so I really enjoyed it,” said Brooks.

They are pop-up events, so the best way to find out about cross country skiing, snowshoeing or other outdoor events is to follow their Facebook page.