HARTFORD, S.D. (KELO) –The poor air quality across KELOLAND is cancelling or postponing outside high school events like track and golf.

The Mitchell Kernels cancelled their regional track meet today and so did the Eureka School District. While the smoke in the air is heavier in some places, in others it’s manageable.

While the air quality is a little better here in Hartford, it’s not the best if you’re running.

“When I’m coming towards the end of my race I can definitely feel like there’s not that much air there like it’s definitely a little harder to breathe,” said Emma Buys, sprinter with Sioux Falls Christian.

At today’s regional track meet, around 200 students, from 8 different schools are participating.

“We had our coaches meeting and officials meeting and everybody was made aware of that; to make sure they keep an eye on our athletes, you know, and, and we could allow substitutions if we wanted to,” said Roy Grady, region chairperson for region 3 track.

Many of these students are participating in multiple events. Which means lots of time outside.

“Some of these guys run the mile, two mile, those longer events definitely have it a little rougher than me when they’re having to breathe it the whole time that they’re racing,” Buys said.

Even though conditions are not the greatest, many students say they are giving their all.

“Everyone’s kind of used to knowing that there’s either going to be rain wind or it’s going to be 90 degrees outside. So I’d say that here we do a pretty good job of just dealing with the weather and fighting through it,” said Carter Van Donge, sprinter with Sioux Falls Christian.

The 2023 state track and field will take place May 25-27 at Howard Wood Field here in Sioux Falls.