SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Communities across KELOLAND experienced their first significant snowfall of the season on Friday.

Sioux Falls saw nearly ten inches of snow on Friday.

“This snow event was a top-five for December for a single-day event,” Street Operations Manager Dustin Hansen said.

Street Operations Manager Dustin Hansen says the snow was heavier than anticipated and difficult to clean up.

“The warm temps at the bottom kind of froze that back to the streets in areas, so that was a challenge to scrape that up not only in the streets but I’m sure some people are seeing in parking lots, as well,” Hansen said.

“Not overly slippery at the beginning, just a lot of snow and blowing snow,” Equipment Operator Erik Harrington said.

Equipment Operator Erik Harrington spent Friday behind the wheel of a motor grader.

“Probably the visibility during the main part of the storm was the biggest issue,” Harrington said.

The volume of snow also spelled trouble for the snow gates.

“They can only hold so much snow and then they spill over into driveways. I think most people understood that,” Hansen said.

“On the emergency routes, it didn’t have a chance to pile up that deep. When we got into the residential streets that’s where we started to see them fill up fast,” Harrington said.

With 3,300 lane miles to clear, the city finished its cleanup late last night and this is the end result.

Today, three days after issuing a snow alert, crews are revisiting areas where vehicles were left on the street.

“I know it’s the first one and people kind of forget but that’s one of our biggest things so we can do our job efficiently, get those cars off the street,” Hansen said.

If you have a plow or sanding request, click HERE to visit the city’s snow alert tracker.