SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls vigilante took matters into his own hands Tuesday when he stopped a thief who had just robbed one of the vehicles in his driveway.

He not only caught the thief, but his security camera also caught some of it on video and now the 18 year old woman is facing a long list of charges.

Rhinnanan Antonio faces four charges, including aggravated assault for an incident that happened at about 10:30 Tuesday night in western Sioux Falls.

“I just got home and I was getting ready for bed and my ring doorbell went off,” Corey Geier said.

And then he went off when he saw this notification; a woman going through one of the vehicles in his driveway.

“So I thought, oh man here it goes,” Geier said.

Geier took off running out the front door, as you can see on his security camera.

When Geier caught up to the woman, she was about a half block down the street, but that’s when things really escalated.

“I’m like where’s my stuff I seen you breaking into my car,” Geier said. “She started getting real defensive and she had a bag full of stuff and she started reaching into her bag and she pulled out a butterfly knife.”

It was at that moment, Geier realized, this could get ugly.

“So I smacked it out of her hand, as hard as I could and I grabbed her and I threw her on the ground and I held her down,” Geier said.

In the struggle, Geier somehow managed to call 911.

“So I’m fighting her off she’s kicking and screaming and biting and scratching and I was on 911 and let them know to come to my street,” Geier said.

Within about five minutes police arrived, handcuffed the woman and hauled her to jail.

Geier says the vehicle that was broken into belongs to two hockey boys who are staying with him at his house.

He says while they learned a lesson; to always lock your doors, he did too.

“The adrenalin was flowing, I probably should have called the cops in advance or maybe even grabbed a bat or something,” Geier said.