SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Masking up during the pandemic now comes with a financial windfall, in addition to its health benefits. A Sioux Falls thrift store is offering a 25% discount on its merchandise for customers who wear a mask in the store.

605 Thrift, on South Minnesota Avenue, offered customers 20% off early in the pandemic in 2020 but ended the sale when coronavirus cases went down. Now that cases are back up again, the store is offering an even steeper discount, starting this week.

Stasha Woldt is shopping for furniture at 605 Thrift.

“I’m looking for a kitchen table set for my apartment,” Woldt said.

Woldt was surprised that the store is offering 25% off to customers, just for wearing a mask.

“I think it’s a pretty good deal. It’s actually pretty fair for people that do it and it’s pretty easy to put on a mask, I guess,” Woldt said.

605 Thrift is offering the discount as a way to promote mask-wearing with COVID-19 cases on the rise.

“Now that this is coming back, it seems stronger, and it’s getting worse for kids, we want people to feel safe in our store,” 605 Thrift owner Terry Brooks said.

It’s also personal for owner Terry Brooks, who just lost a friend to COVID-19.

“She did not have the shots and she died last week from COVID. She never wore masks. She didn’t do anything that would help to deter all this. We need to learn. We need to understand what’s going on,” Brooks said.

While Brooks says the masking discount should be good for business, he is getting blowback from some customers.

“There are people that say things like that: ‘you’re discriminating against the rights of people.’ No, I don’t believe we are. It’s our store, we should be able to do it. It’s a sale,” Brooks said.

Brooks says he simply ignores the complaints and points out that customers can still go without a mask, they’ll just miss out on the discount. Some of his customers say other businesses should offer similar masking markdowns.

“Actually, I think it would influence people to wear their mask more often, especially in stores that’s got discounts for it, definitely,” Woldt said.

605 Thrift expects the discount will run pretty much the duration of the pandemic. The store isn’t particular about what kind of mask you wear in order to take advantage of the discount.