PARKER, S.D. (KELO) — Students from an elementary school in Sioux Falls spent Wednesday morning learning and playing on the farm.

There’s a farm north of Parker full of animals and activities, and a pumpkin patch.

“We wanted to open up Our Farm, which is our farm, to basically everybody,” Our Farm owner Lane Mellegaard said.

Lane Mellegaard owns Our Farm, and today is welcoming students from Discovery Elementary in Sioux Falls.

“90% of the kids out of Sioux Falls probably haven’t been to a farm before,” Mellegaard said.

There’s no shortage of activities at Our Farm, but it’s also an opportunity for the kids from Sioux Falls to learn about life on the farm.

“This is one of the farms that they can actually go into the pen, see, hold, and pet a pig, a duck, a rabbit,” Mellegaard said.

“We’ve done some planting with different seeds back in the classroom and so we’re hoping to transfer that knowledge to here in the pumpkin patch where they’re going to get to see that life cycle, get to see the fruition of going from seed to plant,” kindergarten teacher Carrie Thurman said.

Carrie Thurman teaches at Discovery Elementary and hopes what her students experience on the farm stays with them.

“I want them to be able to make those connections when we go back and talk about ‘remember when we were at the pumpkin patch and you saw the stem or you saw the parts of a plant’, so just making those connections to our Life Science unit,” Thurman said.

The kids appear to be saving the science for another day.

“I get to see animals and I get to pet them,” 6-year-old Amelia Roth said.

This isn’t Amelia Roth’s first time on a farm, but today she gets to take home a white pumpkin. Why white?

“Cuz I can see the paint more better,” Roth said.

“That’s probably going to be the most exciting thing is picking out their pumpkin and finding one that’s just right. I told them they can’t pick one that’s too big or too heavy, they have to be able to transport it but that is probably going to be their highlight,” Thurman said.

Half the kindergarten students at Discovery Elementary were part of Wednesday’s field trip, while the other half will visit Our Farm on Thursday.