Sioux Falls students build their own homemade rockets

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This summer has been full of some incredible space-themed events, as the nation celebrates the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin taking the first steps on the moon.

Some Sioux Falls kids are commemorating the moon landing by launching their own rockets into space.

NASA would be proud to see how these kids are using summer vacation to launch into space exploration.

“I just like building rockets, I built a rocket in school this past year in science, so I like space and stuff, so I thought these activities were fun because they are space related,” 12-year-old Naomie Lofano said.

The Ronning Branch Library decided to teach kids about rockets and space this summer because of all the news surrounding the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon.

Each student built their own homemade rocket using two liter plastic bottles, construction paper and of course water.

They then use a homemade contraption and a bike pump to fill the bottle with air.

“When you release that trigger, it forces that water out and sends it out at a pretty rapid clip, as long as the device is functioning properly,” Joe Wilfahrt library associate said.

There were a few failed missions, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed by hand.

“It’s really cool and exciting how we can just easily launch it into the air,” 12-year-old Carter Meyer said.

“I feel like it’s kind of cool for people to come out and do something fun during the summer and without doing school work, but learning about stuff anyways without being in school,” Lofano said.

“I come here to learn a little bit and have fun because it mixes a little bit of learning with a little bit of fun,” Meyer said.

As they say, ‘what goes up, must come down,’ sometimes where you least expect it.

There are a few other summer programs still left for kids to signup for like the Harry Potter themed lock-in, to learn more click here

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