SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Snoop Dogg and Koe Wetzel are next in a long line of concerts at the PREMIER Center in Sioux Falls, and across the Midwest.

The PREMIER Center is set to welcome Snoop Dogg and Koe Wetzel on Tuesday.

“Down to limited single seats. It’s nearly sold out, full capacity,” Pepper Entertainment President & CEO Jered Johnson said.

Concerts of this nature typically take months to put together, but Pepper Entertainment President Jered Johnson says the pieces came together in just days during the week of the Super Bowl.

“We’re on the map now. A lot of acts want to play Sioux Falls, especially ones that haven’t been here yet, obviously, ones that have played keep returning,” Johnson said.

Location plays a significant role in the process.

“You get all the artists going to the major markets, like Minneapolis and Detroit and Chicago, so geographically we’re in a great spot,” Johnson said.

“This region of the country was one of the first to open and see more of the concert volume when things opened back up last year,” Vice President of Mountain West Region Nick West said.

Nick West joined Pepper Entertainment a year ago and works out of Boise, Idaho, and is part of the company’s expansion west.

“We’ve got staff members now in Omaha, Nebraska, Denver, Colorado, Boise, Idaho, and we’re just continuing to expand. We’ve added two new employees here in Sioux Falls, so it’s been very exciting and it’s great to see the company kind of pop a bit,” Johnson said.

Johnson says tomorrow’s concert is just a sign of things to come.

“It’s just great to see Sioux Falls be able to support something like that and embrace some alternative stuff other than our country and our standard classic rock shows, which obviously do great here as well,” Johnson said.

“What’s the next step and the next project we can work on, and how do we grow that brand of the company,” West said.

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