SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Kids in the Sioux Falls School District head back to class on Thursday.

As the first day of school gets closer, the district is looking for people to fill open positions.

John Kolander is getting ready for his second year as a substitute teacher in the Sioux Falls School District.

“When you’re substitute teaching, every class, every school is different, and so it’s never boring for sure,” Kolander said.

Right now, the district has just over 100 subs hired, but senior director of human resources Becky Dorman wants a substitute pool of about 250 by mid-October.

That’s not the only position the district is looking to fill.

“We have the teacher hiring for the most part behind us, and they’re moving forward, but it’s the education support professionals, so that could be people who serve in our libraries, they serve in our special education classrooms or if we have some larger classrooms where we need an extra set of hands,” Dorman said.

While the district already has hundreds of education support professionals on staff, Dorman says about 45 more are needed.

Substitute teachers can help fill those roles as the district works to bring more on board.

“We’re hiring very, very quickly and moving quickly on people who do apply,” Dorman said.

Kolander isn’t sure how soon he’ll be called into action in the classroom, but he’s looking forward to making a difference.

“When you’re done for the day you feel good that you helped somebody,” Kolander said.

The district is also hiring custodians.

To see all the open positions and apply, you can head to the district’s website.