SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls School District is looking to bolster its substitute teacher pool.

Increased pay is now being offered for people filling in in the classroom.

Daily pay has gone up from $125 to $160.

Meanwhile, substitute teachers working at the district’s so-called bonus schools can now earn $175 instead of $140.

Long-term pay now sits at $190, a $40 increase.

When Garfield Elementary principal Kristin Skogstad learned about the pay increase for substitute teachers, she was excited.

“The dream would be that that extra incentive is going to get more people to substitute teach, come here and be a guest teacher,” Garfield principal Kristin Skogstad said.

Garfield is one of several bonus schools in the Sioux Falls School District where guest teachers would make more than the daily rate.

The rest include Anne Sullivan, Cleveland, Terry Redlin, Laura B. Anderson, Hayward, Lowell, Hawthorne and Horace Mann Bridges.

“At some schools that connection and that relationship that a student builds with staff members is so important, and so when someone new comes in it’s hard to get that trust right away and I think people get familiar with the schools where they do go and be a guest teacher and they don’t venture out to see the wonderful things happening at other schools,” Skogstad said.

The pay increases will be in place for the rest of the school year.

Sioux Falls School District senior director of human resources says the district wants to make sure it’s competitive.

“I think there are many employers in the Sioux Falls area that would say it’s tough out there to find employees, and the school district is no different,” Senior director of human resources Becky Dorman said.

Both women say the job is flexible.

And now there’s an extra incentive on the table.

“If you have been thinking about being a guest teacher now is the time to try it out and you will fall in love with the job because you get to touch lives every single day,” Skogstad said.

While three years of working experience is preferred, you don’t need a teaching degree to be a substitute teacher in the Sioux Falls School District.

To apply, click here.