SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Monday night, the Sioux Falls School Board tentatively voted to adopt the budget for the next school year, which includes cutting gymnastics.

As we’ve been following for over a month, supporters of the sport in Sioux Falls and beyond have been speaking out against the plan.

The vote was unanimous and is set for a final adoption in July. Monday night, we heard from supporters as well as a few school board members.

Gymnastics supporters have filled up the school board meeting room for weeks as the date to adopt the proposed budget got closer and closer.

They argue there are solutions and want to work with the district to keep the sport.

“The lack of transparency regarding the process to cut gymnastics has been unsettling. The level of misinformation regarding the narrative of the gymnastics program’s history is alarming. And to force young women to come before the board to beg to participate in a sport that they love is appalling,” parent Angie Allen said.

One reason for the cut is a decline in participation. Supporters argue that numbers would rise in the future because more girls have committed to the sport. They have also brought forward alternative solutions including different funding. However, some school board members don’t see that as being feasible.

“I know that parents have said that money can be raised, students can pay annual fees or fundraise a certain amount, but for me, for a public school, we need to be able to provide a program at a level that is fully funded not relying on parents, students or private donors to keep it going,” school board vice president Carly Reiter said.

“It’s really really hard, but as budget people, we have to be fiscally responsible,” school board member Cynthia Mickelson said.

Board members say they have listened and are appreciative of the public input.

“We have to look at the big picture, and our big picture is that we are coming up to fiscal cliff over the next few years and we have to be responsible to the taxpayers of this community,” school board president Kate Serenbetz said.

Monday night’s vote left a lot of gymnasts and family members upset.

“I am very, obviously, very frustrated. I feel very overwhelmed. There’s a lot of thoughts in my mind about future gymnasts. What that will hold in the state of South Dakota and probably the nation as well,” Anna Leuning said.

We spoke with Les Coin, who was the head coach of Lincoln and Washington Gymnastics, off camera after the meeting. He felt school board members’ minds were already made up and said that, “I probably could have brought Simone Biles in here today and it probably wouldn’t have made a difference.”